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“Daily Practice For the Soul ”


Ride a different wave …


The idea of Sadhana Surfboards was born in 1997 on a lifeguard chair, as a reaction to the mass-marketed, mediocre, one-size-fits-all approach to surfing at the time.  Drawing on the daily influence that the ocean holds and utilising various garages, shaping rooms and sheds around the world, a small cottage label was formed.  While those backyard days are now part of our history, it is this hand-made craft philosophy that drives us still.

Since our move to Christchurch, New Zealand in 2008, Sadhana has grown to provide one of the most comprehensive ranges of hand shaped boards to suit all styles of surfing, on New Zealand’s beautiful South Island.

Building upon our own hand crafted boards, we also supply blanks, materials and tools for hand crafting your own boards. 

Our retail shop, located in the historic Tannery centre, has a range of new and used stock boards, accessories, clothing, gifts and music all influenced by the spirit of surfing, and good times!

We also offer a quality board repair service, demo and hire boards, guide books and travel supplies.

Sadhana is your gateway to the classic waves New Zealand’s south island has to offer.



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